Railroad Design

Railroad Design is a subset of the civil engineering discipline that deals with moving people, vehicles, and cargo on a rail line from one location to another. Railroads can transport people, materials, and equipment much less expensively than through truck or plane transport. Railroads and intermodal transportation go hand-in -hand also, and we have all of the components of expertise required to complete intermodal projects as well.

DEI’s Railroad Design services include the following types of support:

  • Rail Spurs
  • Permitting and Coordination with Rail Corridor Owners
  • Utilities Crossings
  • Profile and Alignment
  • Grades and Grade Resistance
  • Track Design
  • Roadway Crossings
  • Automobile Terminal yard design
  • Sidings
  • Wyes
  • Storage Yards
  • Specialized track geometry
  • Concept plans and cost estimates