Railroad Design

Below are a few sample projects for our Railroad Design services.

a railroad being built

Indiana Southern Railroad (Genesee Wyoming, Inc.)

Plainville, Indiana
Design of an 8000 ft siding to improve the ISRR’s handling of new traffic through an INDOT Grant. Driven provided initial cost estimating, detailed topographic surveying, environmental permitting, and detailed design that added the new siding from just south of Boyd Grain in Plainville to 8000 ft North, all on a very tight timeline to meet grant funding requirements.

a railroad

Alabama Gulf Coast Railroad (Genesee Wyoming, Inc.)

Magnolia Railyard, Magnolia, Alabama
Design of a railyard expansion to improve the AGR’s handling of new Oil traffic. Driven provided the initial cost estimating, detailed topographic surveying, environmental permitting, and detailed design that added two new tracks between existing yard tracks, a new RIP track, relocation of an existing County maintained road within the railroad’s property, water line relocation design, and doubling the overall length of the yard by removing and relocating the South Ladder track and extending a siding.

two railroad tracks

Eastern Alabama Railway (Genesee Wyoming, Inc.) FRA Grant Funded Sidings and 2 miles of Rehabilitation

Design of two new 2000 ft sidings for interchange use near Sylacauga, Alabama and design of Capital Maintenance as well as FRA Grant funded rail rehabilitation over two miles of existing track. Driven used a FARO Focus 3D laser scanner to rapidly acquire clearances data for the design of new sidings under an existing close-clearance highway overpass.

train cars on a railroad

Goodway Alabama Siding for Alabama Gulf Coast Railroad (Genesee Wyoming, Inc.)

This project included the design of a 2 mile long rail spur in Goodway, AL. Driven provided the initial cost estimating, constructability analysis, detailed topographic surveying, environmental permitting, and detailed track design and assistance with ADEM Construction Stormwater Permitting, Inspections, and final closeout.

a man with a hardhat working on a piece of large machinery

Various Railroad Crossing designs across the State of Alabama

Driven has provided multiple detailed designs for railroad crossings on public roads as well as within industrial plants and many other locations. These have all involved site grading and drainage design and approvals through the railroads as well as County, State, and Municipal agencies.

a piece of large equipment for 3d laser scanning

Union Pacific Settegast Intermodal Yard Pavement Rehabilitation Design

Driven Engineering has provided detailed design services as well as 3D laser scanning/surveying to support the design of critical pavement infrastructure rehabilitation to improve the service life of the existing facility.

a large pole building getting built

Airgas Specialty Products, Salco Road, North Mobile County, Alabama

DEI provided rail spur design, site and structural design, and permit expediting services for a site with access to the Alabama Gulf Coast Railroad in North Mobile County, AL. After permits were all obtained and prior to construction, the client decided to relocate the facility to Moss Point, Mississippi. Driven was then engaged to design the Airgas plant in Moss Point including the survey, Phase 1 ESA, permit assistance, and coordination with the Mississippi Export Railroad.

train cars on a track

Ampro Products, Pickensville, Alabama

DEI provided design of a double run-a-round track in accordance with Rail America industrial track standards to support loading and unloading of cargo and products from the Ampro plant in Pickensville, Alabama.